Truth Seeking is a Health Technique
False beliefs in the brain are cancers like malware in your computer
Critical Thinking is Critical

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False beliefs in our mind create friction with the actual environment, wearing us down.
Truth realization keeps us aligned with the world as it really is, promoting health.
Swallowing false stories is like swallowing bad food.
Truth is knowledge which withstands the test of time.  As we know truth, so do we.

A non-profit self-help group-therapy clinic for diagnosis of symptoms,
cure, and educational treatments for the following mental illnesses:

Apollo Polio Delusion
Battle Fatigue
Beatlemania - Cerebral Paul-sy
Birth Certificate Defects
Brain Washing Bug
B.S. in Brain Tumor Biopsy
Bush Story of 9/11 (BS911)
Cancer In America (CIA)
Chronic War Syndrome
Cognitive Dissonance
Collective Consciousness Coma
Compulsive Compliance Disorder
Congenital Conspiracies
False idea Fever
Fluoridation Flu
Fox News Fracture
GMO Poisoning (labeling needed)
Gullibility Susceptibility

Head Lice (Lies)
Information Indigestion
Information Impurity Infections
Lone Gunmania  (JFK, RFK or MLK types)
Low Press Pressure
Low Testosterone for Truth
Luminati Lesion
Lunar Lunacy
Mainstream News Diarrhea
Mainstream Media Epidemic
Malaysian Airline Down Syndrome
Misinformation Misdiagnosis
Moon Landing Malaise
New World Order Disorder
NSA Spying Nausea
Oklahoma City Sickness

Pragya Parad (mistaken intellect)
Peer Pressure
Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD)
Propaganda Paralysis
Psy-Op Psychosis
Quantitative Un-easing
Sleep Walking and Sleep Living
Swallowing false ideas
Truth Blockage
Voting Machine Virus
War on Terror Stress Paralysis
Water on the Brain (Hydrocephalus)
White House Hypertension
White Wash-out
Wisdom Tooth Abscess

Swallow Healthy Truth
vitamins for the brain

Pure Knowledge is Medicine - - FITAS.Us